Youth Chaplaincy Coalition

The Youth Chaplaincy Coalition works to bring quality, innovative, and stable programming to court-involved youth.  We do this as part of and in alignment with the Church Council of Greater Seattle by organizing and equipping faith communities and their members to do this work themselves



King County’s juvenile detention numbers have gone down since the COVID-19 pandemic, but there is more that can be done! In June, we joined a coalition of over 40 community organizations and leaders, including elected officials, in co-writing a follow-up letter to the...

ASSESSMENT OPPORTUNITY: Intercultural Competence and Undoing Racism

The IDI measures intercultural competency which is the ability to positively engage similarities and differences in values, beliefs, and practice within your own cultural group and other cultural groups. Intercultural competency is developed just as any other skills are, through learning and engagement.

COVID-19 has limited chaplains’ in-person access to mentee youth, and much of the Youth Chaplaincy staff time is currently spent both re-imagining our program for this unique moment, while encouraging county and state facilities to have a broader and more accessible vision for the wellbeing of court-involved youth and their communities. While it is often slow work, as a trusted partner, YCC Director Rev. Terri Stewart coordinates closely with communities to bring institutional vision into alignment with that of our community. In this way, we work together to meet the needs of the community and of the youth.

“How Can I Help?”

Spiritual support: Will you make a commitment to pray for the Youth Chaplaincy Coalition?  The Advisory Board Members?  The Volunteers?  The Youth of Affected by incarceration?  The Staff at the Detention Centers?

Volunteer support: Would you want to volunteer at any of the detention centers?  Once a year?  Weekly? In a study? Life skills? Worship? Resume writing? Cooking? Read more about some of the ways you can volunteer in the sections below.

Financial support: Could you make a commitment to making a donation to the Youth Chaplaincy Coalition? To being an ongoing donor?  Buying Bibles?  Purchasing needed supplies such as socks, shampoo, and soap?  Providing opportunities to youth to attend events such as sports or theaters?

Administrative support: Would you like to help out by providing administrative support?  Finding grant opportunities?  Mailing out fundraising letters? Finding speaking opportunities?


Spiritual Engagement

Chaplaincy: chaplains support youth by providing a non-anxious listening presence. We listen from a spiritual standpoint that is looking for signs of life that youth may not yet see in themselves, with an open heart that meets you on your spiritual path.  We leave denominational and religious differences at the door.

Religious Services: Worship services* happen each Sunday in library. It happens in shifts so not everyone goes at once. Worship features a variety of church communities that come from all over King County. Muslim Quran study happens each Sunday led by Chaplain Robert Blanton.-

Holistic Engagement

Mentoring: our mentoring program is secular, meaning these relationships are not focused on religion or spirituality. Our mentors accompany youth on their own unique life path, one-on-one, in a space that is judgement-free and caters to youth.

During mentoring visits*, mentors may listen and talk with youth about anything on their mind: current issues, long-term goals, priority setting and/or next steps. Each session lasts around 30-40 minutes.

My Action Plan (MAP): Youth who are ready for a more organized approach to discerning their own goals, truths, and strengths may also be eligible for a more structured approach, which we offer through the My Action Plan (MAP). MAP is a re-entry planning program for eligible incarcerated youth which emphasizes autonomy, empowerment, goal setting, and safety planning through a consistent one-on-one mentorship relationship.

Learn more about MAP and becoming a mentor (MAPper) for incarcerated youth at King County Juvenile Detention Center or at Echo Glen Children’s Home.

King County Juvenile Restoration Team: We are involved in the current healing of the incarceration system through the use of Peacemaking Circles. Most would call this restorative justice, but we are reluctant to put a new label on an ancient process. The Peacemaking Circle process comes to us through Saroeum Phoung who was taught by the Tagish and Tlingit First Nation people of the Yukon Territories.

*All in-person worship services, mentoring, and chaplaincy meetings are suspended for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. YCC staff continue working to adapt our programs and support so it is as accessible as possible to court-involved youth until we can be together in person again. 

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Youth Chaplaincy Coalition Staff

The Rev. Terri Stewart | Director

As the Director of the Youth Chaplaincy Coalition Rev. Terri Stewart trains people of all faiths to provide worship and prayer services, sacred text studies, and mentoring to court-involved youth.

Rev. Stewart has their MDIV from Seattle University with a Spiritual Direction certificate. Additionally, they have earned their Post-Master’s certificate in Pastoral Leadership and are working on a PhD in Leadership Studies with an emphasis in Freirean Leadership that rises from the work of Paolo Freire.

Rev. Stewart is also a Qualified Assessor for the Intercultural Development Continuum, a SoulCollage® facilitator, a Peacemaking Circle keeper, and has taught at Gonzaga, Seattle University, the University of North Georgia, and the University of Puget Sound.

Contact Youth Chaplaincy Coalition Director, the Rev. Terri Stewart at 425-531-1756 or through the form below.


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