Participating Congregations

We have recently launched a new way to connect, “Participating Congregations.”

What does being a “Participating Congregation” mean?

Becoming a Participating Congregation helps signify the mutual commitment of your congregation to other King and South Snohomish County congregations through the Church Council. This initiative leaves in place our official membership of 16 Christian denominations and the congregations therein, and ecumenical and interfaith partners. What is unique and timely is the call to discernment in order to affirm the full, conscious and active participation of your faith community in the life of the Church Council. Participating Congregations may or may not be official member congregations.

What does a congregation commit to?

Participating Congregations commit themselves to prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness to support the Church Council of Greater Seattle as a visible symbol and living embrace of our unity in Christ, for the sake of the world. We ask Participating Congregations to do so in at least 2 of the following ways:

Explore the Diversity of our Christian Unity and of other Religious Faiths

Nurture Relationships and Foster Collaboration

Gather for Prayer and Worship

Act Faithfully for Peace, Justice and Reconciliation

Give Financially to Sustain the Work we do Together as a Church Council

Engage in trainings, workshops, dialogues and conferences

Who are Participating Congregations?

Participating Congregations come from a variety of denominations and across King and South Snohomish counties. Many are also official members of the Church Council of Greater Seattle through their denominational affiliation and want to indicate further their active participation with the Church Council. Others are not members, and find this designation as a way to make formal their connection with the Church Council as individual congregations regardless of denomination.

How do we become a Participating Congregation?

Bring this introductory letter and packet to your decision-making body. Let us know when your congregation has discerned participation and we will schedule a time to formally acknowledge that commitment at your service(s).

Can my congregation of another faith or my organization be “Participating”?

We are in the process of recognizing officially our many interfaith partnerships and organizational connections. At this time we have not formally launched such versions, but please let us know you are interested!

We want to talk further about this. . .

Sure! Email Irene or call her direct line at (206) 525-1216.