More than 95 years ago, representatives from 62 congregations gathered in downtown Seattle to form an organization that eventually became known as the Church Council of Greater Seattle. Over the years the Council has embraced all major Christian denominations and many interfaith partners.

It has also developed a distinctly activist character in keeping with the Pacific Northwest's pioneering spirit and the Christian call for compassion.

Today, the Church Council is composed of more than 320 churches from 16 denominations as well as thousands of individuals united by the belief that we can work together to promote justice and increase compassion in our community.

Read our 2014 Annual Report to learn more about our work, find information about our current social justice efforts here, or read more about the history of The Church Council.





Services of Hope create wholeness and renewal in the face of violence.

Helping those of us who are going through tough times.
Bringing people together to work for social justice.

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