What a blessing the weekend was! Thank you for joining us on Friday to be inspired by Quaker musician Carrie Newcomer, and on Saturday for fellowship, learning from each other, and celebration at the Weaving Our Strengths Conference.

Over 200 people from at least 60 congregations, 15 faith traditions, and 22 cities gathered with us on Saturday for a transformative day of learning, sharing, and fellowship.

Congratulations to the 2015 Gertrude Apel Pioneering Spirit Awardees: Killian Noe and St. Matthew / San Mateo Episcopal Church. Read about their ministries here.

Stay tuned for an announcement of next year's date and location.
























Bringing the Values of Compassion into the Light in the Midst of Tragedy

The Church Council of Greater Seattle shares our profound sorrow with the families, loved ones and all impacted by the tragic and horrific murders in places such as Nigeria, Lebanon, and Paris. We abhor violence in all its forms and the taking of innocent lives as the world has witnessed so often in recent times is particularly deplorable. We condemn the recent hostage-takings and killings by groups promoting terror and cry out in grief over the loss of lives in those countries and around the world. In this climate where many may live in fear, all people need to come together now more than ever to show their faith in God and humankind by emanating hope and affirming life.

This moment calls us to deeper reflection as a people, society and nation. Rhetoric and actions that label, dehumanize and criminalize refugees fleeing for their lives - including from terror - have no place in a country that prides itself on freedom and strives for equity and full participation as an embracing and inclusive citizenry.

Our faith is rooted in enduring moral values that cross boundaries and borders and which we are called to proclaim consistently and compassionately in service of the common good and the Beloved Community, as espoused by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.. We wish to state three values which provide a principled-response to the unfolding events related to human tragedy, the refugee crisis, our own security and war.

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Church Council of Greater Seattle 2014 Annual Report

Accountability in Immigration Detention Call to Action

Sin Fronteras Resource Guide for basic human services for immigrants for use by churches and organizations - published by the Church Council of Greater Seattle and Puentes, both as a website and a .pdf.

LivingWageJourney.org - Living Wage website with resources and how to get involved in local efforts.

Lamentation and Call to Commitment after Roseburg, Oregon Tragedy

Statement by the Church Council of Greater Seattle on the Shooting at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC






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